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When you enter the wilderness, you have stopped being the predator. Now, you have become the prey.





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Below is the list of the mountains I have climbed and the thoughts I have had, in chronological order.

Bauneg Beg
Climbed June 21st, 2018
Altitude: 820ft
"This place isn't very impressive, but that's okay. The beginnings never are."

Douglas Mountain
Climbed June 30th, 2018
Altitude: 1,381ft
"Time to gain some extra altitude."

Climbed July 14th, 2018
Altitude: 1,960ft
"This place is overcrowded. I came here to escape from society, not to find it..."

Tumbledown/Jackson 1
Climbed July 20th, 2018
Altitude: 2,854ft
"My enemy is fear. And today, fear has won."

Mount Abraham
Climbed July 31st, 2018
Altitude: 4,050ft
"A mountain of revelations. A gift of the internal compass."

Tumbledown/Jackson 2
Climbed August 10th, 2018
Altitude: 3,455ft
"Through my trials and travels, the Mountain has now found me worthy."

Climbed August 23rd, 2018
Altitude: 4,145ft
"The Mountain of my dreams. It's so good to finally get to meet you. Thank you for inspiring me to embark on this magical journey of mine."

Intermission 2019-2021

Bauneg Beg
Climbed June 5th, 2022
Altitude: 860ft
"It feels so good to be back. Time to find your true summit."

Douglas Mountain
Climbed June 11th, 2022
Altitude: 1,381ft
"Let's blaze my own trail."

Climbed June 16th, 2022
Altitude: 1,981ft
"Life off the trail is cruel and unforgiving. If I desire comfort then I must accept the people that surround me. That is the Mountain's lesson I had failed to learn."

Tumbledown/Jackson 1
Climbed June 27th, 2022
Altitude: 3,291ft
"I almost died of heatstroke here. This Mountain challenges me like no other, never letting me get up on my first try."

Tumbledown/Jackson 2
Climbed July 3rd, 2022
Altitude: 3,455ft
"A reward for perseverance. A restoration of the internal compass."

Old Speck
Climbed July 10th, 2022
Altitude: 4,170ft
"How funny, a pilot and mountain climber who is afraid of heights. Why do I so eagerly seek out my own fears?"

Mount Abraham
Climbed August 3rd, 2022
Altitude: 4,050ft
"I'm beginning to understand the majesty of Nature's endless cycles. I don't understand how I can find beauty in something so endlessly cruel."

Climbed August 10th, 2022
Altitude: 4,145ft
"This climb was absolute misery. I injured my car and chose to climb in terrible weather, and the Mountain made sure to punish me for it. And yet, I think this is exactly what needed to happen."

Pamola Peak, Katahdin
Climbed August 21st, 2022
Altitude: 4,902ft
"This Mountain was absolutely terrifying. I'm very lucky I found a group to climb with, it helped dampen the fear. My plan was to take the Knife's Edge route to the main peak, but I took one look at it and refused. I'm not capable of this. This Mountain is unlike anything I've seen before. And I'm in love with it."

A word from Pamola...

"I do not live to smite the innocent. I live to test the strength and wisdom to those who seek the challenge, and to teach these virtues to those willing to listen. By recognizing your limits and choosing to let go - by adapting yourself to the challenges you face - you have demonstrated that you already possess the seedlings of wisdom and strength within you. Nurture them, whether you be on the ridge or at home.

Thank you for your will to listen. I look forward to seeing you again when your body and mind are stronger."