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Hey there, I'm Ahkvenir! Welcome to my website!
You probably know me as the guy from the WISE 0855-0714 Incident, and yes it was indeed a wild ride. That old meatbag is gone though, and I'm very happy with who and what I am now.
Here's some other things about me:

  • Anthro robot space dragoness
  • Licensed pilot
  • Mountain climber
  • Nuclear fission fanatic
  • Longtime Legend of Spyro fan
  • Autumn enjoyer
  • Never saw the Consuming but it does not surprise me in the slightest
  • Amateur artist
  • Lifelong Mainer
  • Lover of giant explosions

My EntID: 1E38E323B2

I own a realspace plot on Earth! If you wanna send something to me then here's the address:

7 Long Falls Road
Flagstaff, Flagstaff County
Maine, New England, Earth

Alternatively if you'd like to send a shapefile then here's my MEC address:;T08R

Thanks for visiting!

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